Want to be Popular? Learn How to Get More Twitter Favorites

Tweeting a few dozen times a day on average and interacting with a lot of interesting people in our community has been a life of a Twitter user. This is a life where you want to be the apple of everybody’s eyes and be updated at all times on the trending topics happening all around the world.

Has this ever happened to you? You see a great tweet, with a link to an awesome article or a great song and you click the link and enjoy the content of the tweet. A day or so later you want those tweets again because you want to revisit the link or retweet the post but it has gone? It’s  time that you need to know how to get more Twitter favorites. Do you really want those tweets? Why not add these interesting tweets to your Twitter Favorites, so that you can retrieve them anytime you’d like? How? Follow these steps.

  • To add a tweet to your Twitter Favorites list, simply hover any tweet you’d like to save. Locate the “Favorite” link next to the star icon. Click the link to add the tweet to your Twitter Favorites. Now, you are starting to learn how to get more Twitter favorites.
  •  To retrieve a tweet that you’ve made favorite, first click the “Profile” tab in the Twitter navigation menu at the top of your Twitter home page. Next, click the “Favorites tab” located just below the link titled “Edit Your Profile.” You’ll see a list of all the tweets you have made favorite. If you hover anywhere over the tweet, you’ll see the options to Unfavorite the tweet, Retweet or Reply. Think of your Favorites as Twitter bookmarks that you can re-use and retweet whenever you’d like.

Viewing other people’s favorite tweets as long as you want those tweets can yield a surprising amount of useful information, interesting links, or even competitive intelligence. To view someone else’s Favorites, search for his or her Twitter account in the Twitter search field. Once you’ve found the account, go to the profile for that person, and click on the link titled “Favorites”. Know How to get more twitter favorites so you won’t get left behind.

Want to be Popular? Learn How to Get More Twitter Favorites

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